Santiago de Compostela


Santiago’s Cathedral is the most important monument in

the city. Its located in the heart of the town. The building was finished in 17th century, the passage is done in a baroque style. This fascinating place

 is visited by 2,6 milion touristd every year. The most amazing part of it is “Pórtico de la Gloria”.


There are three ways to get to Santiago; Camino del Norte, Camino Francés and Camino Portugués. 

Its meant to be a religious ritual to clean  your body and soul. Through the  10 kilometers path you connect with nature and start to feel your spirit. As you arrive to the  place you pray to Apostol Santiago for you and   your relatives to be safe; you grate It for all blessings that were given to you.


The symbol of the shell came from a long way backwards. Peligrims, for prove that they have completed the way, catched a shell of a scaloop and painted a red cross on it, then  brought it home for it to keep their family safe.

Celtia Río – Nuria Escuredo – María Gómez – Daniela Rodrigues – Elisabeth Boykova