Betanzos is a city and a spanish municipality of the province of A Coruña,one of the autonomous communities of Galicia. Its located on the northwest coast in the Iberian Peninsula and it is popular for many reasons but he have to point out some of them.

It is known, for example, for the typical spanish dish called “tortilla”and here, you can find the best in the restaurant “Mesón o pote”. You can

 also find different spanish dishes because there are many restaurants that are quite good.

Depending on the time of the year, you can find many events like parties and “ferias”, which are little markets on the road where you can find or sell different types of products that are homemade.

On summer holidays came into the main square “Hermanos García Naveira”, famous orchestras that play pop music. For example,every year take place the concert of “los 40 principales” which is the most known radio channel in Spain and also came others famous galician groups of artist like “panorama”.

As well, in this period, exactly the 16th of august, we have a tradition that consist in throwing a hot-air balloon (who has drawings on the cloth) and the person who finds this balloon when it falls on the floor, gets a reward.

Talking about the “ferias”, we have to highlight new year day when is a tradition buy slippers on these markets when the party is over. Also, there are many others “ferias” that are important, like the markets of first of may,  first of november or the sixteenth of august.


In conclusion,Betanzos is a place where you can see the culture of Galicia,the typical events and foods of these region.

Nuria Escuredo y María Gómez